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Your Membership Application Has Been Received

Your institution is officially on the road to accreditation. We are honored that you have chosen to stand with our association. As a member, we provide not only accreditation to ensure the public of your high-quality academic standards, but we provide institutional support which includes but is not limited to: 

1. Educational/Programming Guidance

2. Organizational formation recommendation

3. Member Networking Opportunities

4. Member Career Opportunities

5. Diploma Equivalency Services (?)

6. Ordination Services

The most prestigious institutions have chosen this membership, and we are now proud to welcome you into our association.

What's next? 


A member of our institution support team will review your application and notify the Board of Examiners. If accepted, you will be notified via e-mail that you are granted "Candidate" Membership and will receive a digital certificate and accompanying seal logo for your website, diploma or other marketing materials.  A member of that board will be assigned as your evaluator during the self-assessment portion and guide you on key things that the Board expects. You have six months to get the necessary assessment paperwork turned in to your evaluator for a site visit. 


Site visits are $800 and that does not include any travel-related costs. You may petition the Board of Examiners for a "Zoom" site visit for extraordinary circumstances. Please notify your evaluator of this request if it's something you need. 


Once the site visit occurs, and the self-assessment matches the assessment from the site visit, you are then offered an accreditation membership and have access to the available perks mentioned above. 


You may exit this page, or navigate to other sections of our website to learn more about our Association. 


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