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Membership Benefits

Our Association serves more than a non-governmental accreditor of sound Christian Education; we offer institution support. We want to ensure our members receive the latest in Christian Education fundamentals, institution organization support, and networking opportunities. For any person to become a member of our Association and use our benefits, their institution must be approved and accredited. 

Other membership benefits include: 

1. Diploma Equivalency Options

2. Graphic design assistance

3. Educational materials and certificates

4. Credit transfer network

5. Faculty competency verification

6. Invitation to our annual networking conference

Accreditation Certificate
Accredited Member Logo.png

This institution is an accredited member of the Association of Christian Education and has demonstrated compliance with the Association's standards for Christian education quality. The membership to the Association of Christian Education does not replace a program or institution assessment from organizations approved the Council of Higher Education Accreditation but serves in addition to the rigorous standards this member institution voluntarily takes to demonstrate excellence. Programs of Study approved by the Association of Christian Education include: 

When a member of our Association passes the rigorous standards of accreditation for their Christian educational programs or institution, they are awarded a certificate that must be publicly posted on campus, and an accreditation seal that must be used on their website. 










The verbiage of the accreditation from our Association must be worded on their website and in the student catalog as: 

Membership Certificate Example.png
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