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About Us

We understand the importance of religious vocation preparation, and we strive to accredit institutions that focus solely on Christian-based instruction. The Association of Christian Education is a membership organization of Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Christian Institutions. We ensure that institutions are delivering excellence in education and that those who graduate from their institution will have a degree that is respected, recognized, and will be exceedingly prepared for their ministry careers.
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It is vital to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for education obtained in nontraditional evangelical educational institutions. Accountability demonstrated by institutions who carry our seal of accreditation have annually documented evidence of compliance, and exceed standards of practice for structure, governance, course material, policies, faculty, and curriculum. 




Board of Examiners

Our commission elects a Board of Examiners who certifies institutions and faculty. Ultimately the President of the Board will determine who presides and has voting rights on the Board of Examiners. Additional duties from our Board of Examiners will investigate accreditation appeals and member infractions. 



Our Commitment.


This accrediting body will never waiver in its commitment to public protection from fraudulent institutions. We will remain vigilant in awarding accreditation to religious institutions and educators who exceedingly excel in their academic commitments. Seminaries and Bible Colleges must carry a standard of education.

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